Finest Hour

Finest Hour

Artist: Patton Oswalt

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Format: CD
Label: Comedy Central Records
Catalog: 30135
Rel. Date: 09/20/2011
UPC: 824363013527

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Finest Hour
Finest Hour

Artist: Patton Oswalt
$9.99   Buy MP3 Album
1. The Miracle of Sweatpants
2. The Parking Ticket
3. The Gifted Child
4. The Parental Defense
5. The Stripper
6. The Bugged Car
7. The Dumb Gay Friend
8. The Best Argument Against Gay Marriage
9. The Invisible Anus
10. The Power of Jesus
11. The Vomit Bag
12. The Magic of Cursive
13. The Ham Incident
14. The Museum of Spam
15. The Weight Loss Plan
16. The Limits of Dancing
17. The Burroughs of Carbs
18. The Circus Is In Town
19. The Spirit Cave
20. The Slob Avatar
21. The Vestibule of Dreams
22. The Best Comedy I've Ever Seen
23. The Horror of New York City

More Info:

In his fourth (and quite possibly best) album, Patton covers a range of topics from how hipsters make the Spam museum sad, the greatness of sweatpants, and revisits his attack on KFC Famous Bowls.