1. Pirates
2. Go Out More Often
3. Wild Wild Web
4. We Stopped
5. Salve
6. Let's Make Love
7. Karakoy
8. Bala Bala
9. Woman In The Red
10. Where Is The Sun
11. The Critic
12. Impromptu
13. Sunny Days
14. Looking For Love

More Info:

Brazilian Girls return in 2018 with Letís Make Love, their fourth album and first since 2008ís Grammy-nominated New York City. Due April 13 via Six Degrees Records, the album release will be followed by a short U.S. tour in May. It was produced by longtime collaborator Frederik Ruben and came to life over the course of several years. The band brings a woozy romanticism to many tracks. The album gets its title from the frenetic yet ethereal ďLetís Make Love,Ē a track that takes a more classically arranged form than the bandís earlier work.